Forms for Erasmus+ Student Traineeships

To-Do List for Outbound Student Trainees

The information presented here provides details about the application process, application deadlines and documentation, and the requirements that need to be met to be eligible for funding: To-do list [de].


Before you Travel

1. To apply, please send a currently valid certificate of enrolment and the letter of confirmation from the host enterprise or organisation by email to: erasmusuni-greifswaldde.


2. Mobility Grant Agreement

Send the completed but unsigned grant agreement by email to the Erasmus Office. Once the form has been returned to you with the calculated level of funding, please send us the signed original (no scans permitted!).

Grant agreement annexes


3. Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement documents the activities undertaken during the traineeship. Tables A and C are completed by the host enterprise or organisation. Table B is completed by your subject coordinator. Make sure your Learning Agreement has been signed by your subject coordinator and by your supervisor at the host enterprise or organisation and then send it by email (either signed electronically or as a scanned document) to the International Office at the University of Greifswald:


4. Online Language Test (OLS test)

After submitting your Learning Agreement, you will receive an email with an invitation to take the test. The language of the test is based on the working language used at the host institution. The test can be taken online within 14 days of receiving the invitation and is a requirement for Erasmus funding.

After Completing your Traineeship

Student Report

You must submit your student report[de] no later than four weeks after your traineeship ends.


OLS Test

You will be sent an email with an invitation to take the second online language test.


EU Survey

You will receive an email from the following sender inviting you to take part in the EU survey: