Do I automatically receive a scholarship in addition to my place through the university exchange?

No! If you receive a place through the University Exchange Program, this does not mean that you will automatically receive a scholarship. However, you can indicate in the application document that you would also like to apply for the PROMOS scholarship. As these are the same application documents, the documents from the application for the university exchange will then be included in the PROMOS award. You therefore do not need to send your application documents twice. Please note that there is a different application deadline for PROMOS, which is why the scholarship is awarded later than for the university exchange places.

Which language certificate do I need?
  • The DAAD language certificate, UNICERT certificates as well as TOEFL and IELTS certificates that are not older than 2 years at the time of application are accepted as proof of language proficiency. A Cambridge Certificate is valid for life and is also accepted. Results of UNICERT examinations can be transferred to the DAAD language certificate after consultation with the Language Center.
  • Proof is not sufficient: High school diploma with English grade, expired certificates, intermediate grade from language studies.
  • Speakers of the national language or language of instruction as their first language are exempt from submitting a language certificate.
  • DAAD language certificate: The Language Center of the University of Greifswald conducts the DAAD test to determine language proficiency several times a semester. All information on registration, costs and the content of the test can be found on the Language Center website. Students of English/American Studies, Russian and Law should contact their department directly to take the test there.
  • A TOEFL certificate is required for participation in graduate courses in North America.
What should the letter of motivation contain?

The content of your plans abroad, the reasons for your choice of institution, the highlighting of suitable study programs, the integration of your stay abroad into your study plans and your professional goals will be evaluated. The reference to existing contacts, the choice of certain professors or supervisors at the host institutions, etc. will also be evaluated. Please also consider how you represent the University of Greifswald as an exchange student.

Who may prepare the expert opinion? Is there a template for the expert opinion?

The expert opinion can be issued by university lecturers.

There is a template for the review (see Documents to be submitted: Letter of recommendation). Reviewers can contact the International Office directly if they have any questions about the content of the review. 

In consultation with the International Office, reviewers from other universities can also prepare the review if, for example, you are in the first semester of a Master's degree program and you would like to ask a lecturer from your Bachelor's degree program to write the review.

In which language must the application be submitted?

Please submit the application preferably in German. This also applies to the expert opinion. Applications can also be submitted in English, for example if your native language or that of the person preparing the report is not German.

Can I exmatriculate during my stay abroad?

No. You must be enrolled for the university exchange program at the University of Greifswald.

Which documents do I have to submit after my stay abroad?

Which documents do I have to submit after my stay abroad?

At the end of your stay, you must submit an experience report, a confirmation from the host institution (Confirmation of Stay) and a Transcript of Records (see Documents to be submitted).

Muss ich mich für einen Auslandsaufenthalt beurlauben lassen?

No, you do not have to. If you take a leave of absence for your stay, you will not be able to take any examinations during the semesters on leave. If you take a leave of absence, your semesters will not increase during the period of leave.

Can I apply for compensation for disadvantages?

Students whose current living and study situation is affected by challenging circumstances can apply for compensation for disadvantages, which will be taken into account in the application process. Challenging circumstances can be, for example, chronic illnesses, employment (at least €250 per month), refugee background, pregnancy and/or students with child(ren) or caring for relatives. Please see the document "Honorary declaration on compensation for disadvantages" under Documents to be submitted.

Testimonial Mareike Rupaner

"Unique experiences and adventures always spur me on to new things and activities. My time at university is extremely limited and I really want to make the most of it. That's why a semester abroad is always part of it for me. And so I began my journey to the impressive Saskatchewan. The prairie province in the heart of Canada."
(Mareike, university exchange semester in Canada)

She and other outgoers talk about their experiences abroad in our blog Greifswald goes International [de] and in our Podcast [de].