Documents to be submitted

To-Do List for Outgoing Students

The to-do list for university exchange students[de] contains important information on dates, deadlines and the documents that you will need to submit once you have been awarded a place on the university exchange programme. Please read it carefully and in full.

Documents should be submitted to: exchangeuni-greifswaldde.

Application Forms

You can apply online using the application form. Please register in the portal and follow the further instructions. Note: Does not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer!

  • Letter of motivation (1-2 DIN A4 pages). The following will be assessed: description of the content of your plans to study abroad, reasons for choosing the institution, how the study abroad program fits in with your study plans and professional goals, prescribed stays abroad according to the examination regulations, reference to existing contacts, etc. You can use our guidelines for orientation.
  • Tabular curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcript of Records (printout from HIS, certificates of previous university degrees if applicable)
  • Proof of foreign language skills (at least level B2 in the language of instruction)

Documents to be submitted to the International Office (original or by e-mail):

  • Letter of recommendation from a responsible university teacher. Please use the template Vorlage Letter of Recommendation English or Letter of Recommendation German. The letter should be sent by your university teacher directly to the International Office by post or email.
  • Compensation for disadvantages: If applicable, fill out a declaration of honor regarding compensation for disadvantages (please use the template). Circumstances that justify compensation for disadvantages can be, for example, chronic illness, gainful employment (at least €250 per month), refugee background, pregnancy and/or student with child(ren) or caring for relatives. Please send the letter directly to the International Office by post or email. If you are unsure, you are welcome to ask us whether you qualify.
Documents to be submitted after the selection
  • Learning Agreement: In the Learning Agreement you list the courses you will take at the partner university. The Learning Agreement also serves as a basis for the later recognition of your academic achievements at the University of Greifswald. We recommend that you complete 30 ECTS per semester (this corresponds to the workload of one semester in Greifswald). However, 15 ECTS are mandatory for the university exchange program. Submit the Learning Agreement to the International Office before the start of your stay (as a scan or with an electronic signature). Alternatively, you can also submit the Study Plan (course overview) of the host university. Changes can be made up to 5 weeks after the start of your stay at the latest.
  • Here you will find the contact details of all exchange coordinators. They are responsible for signing your Learning Agreement and for all subject-related matters concerning your studies abroad.
Before completion of the stay

At the end of your stay, please have the Confirmation of Stay completed and signed by the International Office of the host institution and send it to us by e-mail. This document is important to confirm your actual period of stay. The date of signature should be the last day of your stay at the host institution or later.

After completion of the stay

Documents to be submitted to the International Office at the end of your stay (in the original or by e-mail, in English or German depending on the language of instruction):

  • Experience report: The experience report about your stay abroad serves as a reflection, but above all is a great help for other Greifswald students in choosing the right institution. Submit the completed form by e-mail to the International Office no later than 4 weeks after the end of your stay abroad.
  • Transcript of Records: The original Transcript of Records from the partner university is usually sent to the International Office. You will receive a scan by e-mail and can then collect the original from us.
Testimonial Mareike Rupaner

"Unique experiences and adventures always spur me on to new things and activities. My time at university is extremely limited and I really want to make the most of it. That's why a semester abroad is always part of it for me. And so I began my journey to the impressive Saskatchewan. The prairie province in the heart of Canada."
(Mareike, university exchange semester in Canada)

She and other outgoers talk about their experiences abroad in our blog Greifswald goes International [de] and in our Podcast [de].