Forms and Documents to be Submitted

To-Do List for Outgoing Students

The to-do list for university exchange students[de] contains important information on dates, deadlines and the documents that you will need to submit once you have been awarded a place on the university exchange programme. Please read it carefully and in full.

Documents should be submitted to:

Learning Agreement

In your Learning Agreement you record the courses that you will be taking at the partner university. The Learning Agreement also forms the basis for the credit transfer arrangement[de], i.e. the procedure by which credits earned at the host university are recognised and transferred to the University of Greifswald. We recommend that you earn 30 ECTS credits per semester, which corresponds to the student workload in one semester at the University of Greifswald. Students on the university exchange programme must earn the mandatory minimum of 15 ECTS credits per semester while at the host university. You must submit your Learning Agreement to the International Office (either signed electronically or as a scanned document) before you begin studying at the host institution. Alternatively, you may submit the study plan from the host university. Changes can be made up to five weeks after you have started as an exchange student at the host university.


Confirmation of Stay

The Confirmation of Stay document is a record of the amount of time you actually spent as an exchange student at the partner university. Please arrange for this document to be completed and signed by the host institution before you return to Greifswald. Once you are back, please send it to the International Office either as a scan or photocopy.


Student Report

The student report[de] provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your experience as an exchange student and is also very useful to other Greifswald students who are trying to decide which partner university they should apply to. Please complete the template document and send it by email to the International Office no later than four weeks after finishing your exchange placement.


Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records from the partner university is usually sent as an original document to the International Office. A scanned version of the document will be sent to you by email, after which you can pick up the original from the International Office.