Digital Examinations

Digital examinations and alternative examination formats can be implemented at the University of Greifswald using various digital and digitally supported tools. On this page, we provide an overview of the legal framework, as well as technical and didactic possibilities for realising digital examinations.

Digital examination formats according to the General Examination Regulations (RPO)

  • Digital written examinations on university premises
    (§ 20(2) Written Examinations)

  • Timed online open-book examinations on own devices
    (§ 20a Timed Online Open-Book Examinations)

  • Coursework essays in electronically readable form 
    (§ 21 Coursework Essays)

  • Various file formats and media products and, if applicable, an additional digital learning portfolio (ePortfolio) exclusively for practical modules.
    (§ 22(7) Other Assessed Coursework)

  • Digital oral examinations via videoconferencing system if the examiner is not present at the university for reasons beyond his/her control; however, the person to be examined must be in a room on the university’s premises.
    (§ 19(7) Oral Examinations)

  • At the request of students if there are valid reasons: Electronic examinations, if necessary outside of university premises (digital distance examination, digital oral or practical distance examination) with video and audio supervision
    (§ 22a Electronic Examinations at the Request of the Student)

General Examination Guidelines at the University of Greifswald

2. Amending statutes from 18 March 2022 (made public and accessible to all members of the University on 26 April 2022) [de]

E-Examination Centre

The ‘E-Examination Centre’ project was launched by the Digital Education Department when the RPO was made public and accessible to all members of the university on 26 April 2022.  The goal is to conduct digital written examinations in rooms on the university premises with the necessary technology, required data protection and examination modalities as well as support structures.

The E-Examination Centre enables digital written examinations on up to 200 laptops in the lecture hall building at Ernst-Lohmeyer-Platz 6 (lecture halls 1 to 4) from the examination period in the 2022 summer semester onwards, subject to prior registration.



Central Examination Office

Information and organisation regarding examinations [de]

Which examination format can I implement with which tool?

Digital written examination Timed online open-book exam Coursework essay Digital learning portfolio (ePortfolio)
Creation, realisation, evaluation and provision of feedback* / also possible for exams written on paper** Digital collection of documents, addition of comments to the document and provision of feedback Digital collection of documents, addition of comments to the document and provision of feedback Provision of documents, students able to fill in documents and lecturers can view them for assessment
Moodle Test* & Evaexam** Moodle Assignment Moodle Assignment Mahara

Electronic written examinations

Open-book, coursework essay

Moodle assignment

Assignment [de]



Mahara [de]

Various file formats and media products

Exams in video format Diagnostic e-assessments (ungraded) Formative e-assessments (ungraded)
Presentations and practical examinations can (and according to the RPO may) also be presented in the form of videos Quizzes, tests, polls and surveys that help to identify student knowledge in the run-up to a course Quizzes and tests that serve to determine one’s own learning progress throughout the course and to better control the further learning process
Various teaching video tools (e.g. OBS, OpenCast, PowerPoint) H5P, Moodle Quiz, Moodle Choice, Moodle Etherpad, Moodle Feedback (for surveys) H5P, Moodle Quiz, Moodle Feedback (for surveys)
Practical examinations in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) formats Forms of augmented reality (AR), i.e. visualising information about objects in the real-world environment on digital devices, and virtual reality (VR), i.e. designing a virtual environment that becomes accessible by means of headsets, can be practical formats for digital examinations

Special case*

Digital oral examination
Preparation and realisation with BigBlueButton

BBB [de]

*Only if examiner is not at the university, person to be examined must be at the university; or request distance examination

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