Improving the Studiability of Cross-Faculty Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Project Outline

General Studies are the interdisciplinary supplementary courses that are part of the two-subject Bachelor of Arts degree courses. Students have the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications for both their studies and later careers, irrespective of their chosen subject areas. Feedback from student surveys had however raised a number of critical points.  Students feel that General Studies are too much of a burden, they also question General Studies’ weighting in comparison to the subjects they have chosen and the content covered. The restructuring of General Studies shall develop and test a revised concept for organising the content covered. The new concept shall reassess the time required and the content covered by General Studies. Furthermore, students shall be able to choose modules relevant to their future careers and academic qualification.

Photo: Till Junker, University of Greifswald


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Improving the Studiability of Cross-Faculty Bachelor’s Degree Courses
Restructuring General Studies
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