Academic Teaching Records (Fleißlisten)

We have 78 volumes of digitised academic teaching records from the years 1796 to 1866. These records, known as Fleißlisten, were commonly presented to the Registrar – the state-appointed supervisor of the University – as evidence of professorial teaching duties. By submitting the Fleißliste at the end of each semester, each lecturer was able to prove that he had completed his requisite teaching workload and whether the lectures actually held accorded with the lectures in the printed course catalogue. The names of the students who attended the lectures were also entered into the Fleißlisten as well as the occasional assessment of how diligent or hard working they were. These academic teaching records are some of the most compact sources of reliable information for researchers investigating student learning and student migration patterns in the late modern period. The Fleißlisten are amenable to the use of quantitative methods of analysis and provide material for addressing a broad spectrum of questions in the fields of social and educational history.

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