University Registers

The University Registers (Matrikeln) are some of the most important sources of historical information on the people associated with a university. They originally served as proof that a person had been admitted into the privileged community of a university. Today, they are an indispensable cornerstone of research, particularly into the history of the students at a university. Rectors recorded the newly admitted students in the registers and often also recorded the latest additions to the teaching body. Additionally, at the end of his time in office, each Rector would compile his memoirs in which he set down the most important events during his period of tenure. The digital archives contain not only digitised versions of the university registers spanning the period from 1456 to 1826, but also the books of the Dean’s Offices of the Faculties of Theology, Law and Arts and Humanities. We also have digitised versions of the faculty albums from the Faculty of Theology (1831–1902) and the Faculty of Law (1831–1934), which recorded student registrations at the respective faculty.

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