Salary & VBL

Landesamt für Finanzen (State Finances Office)

Among other things, the State Finances Office (LAF M-V) is responsible for calculating and paying your salary. For civil servants, it also reimburses costs for healthcare and as a result of accidents at work. LAF M-V’s Remuneration Department is located in Neustrelitz.

You can register on the LAF’s Employee Portal to receive documents from the State Finances Office, e.g. pay slips, notifications of payment for healthcare costs, wages tax statements, etc. The portal also makes it possible for you to submit documents electronically, e.g. declarations for claiming family benefits, a change of bank details, or a request for payment of healthcare costs. In order to register, you need to enter a valid email address, your staff ID number and your personal details.

I am an employee – when do I get my salary?

You will be paid your monthly salary on the last day of the month (§ 24 TV-L Wissenschaft). For example, at the end of September, you are paid the salary for the month of September.

The annual special payment is included in the salary for November.

I am a civil servant – when will I be paid?

In accordance with § 4 Landesbesoldungsgesetz - LbesG M-V (State Civil Service Remuneration Act), civil servants are entitled to monthly remuneration which is to be paid in advance. For example, at the end of September, you are paid the remuneration for the month of October.

The remuneration consists of the basic salary as well as any supplementary payments as a result of the office and the position, or a family allowance and any other allowances or bonuses.

The annual special payment is included in the salary for December.

Can I request an advance payment as a new employee?

The State Finances Office (LAF M-V) has to be notified of all changes and new registrations by the 10th day of the month so that they take effect for the following month.

An advance payment is made automatically if a new employee has started their job and the notification date for the regular salary payment has already passed. This way, public employees and civil servants still receive a certain amount of pay on the next payment date. Any remaining amounts will then be paid out with the next regular payment.


Who pays out child benefits?

All matters concerning child benefits, and thus also the payment of child benefits, are processed by the regional Family Benefits Offices of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Please submit the corresponding application forms and proof, or address any questions to the respective Federal Employment Agency’s regional Family Benefits Office. Comprehensive information on responsibilities, payment dates and application forms is also available on the Family Benefits Office’s website.

When do I receive a payslip?

You will only receive a payslip if changes have been made in the calculation of your pay when compared with the previous month. Therefore, the payslip applies – also in subsequent months – until you receive a new payslip. This is why payslips are numbered consecutively.

Please register in the State Finances Office’s Employee Portal [de] to receive digital copies of the respective payslips.


Information on VBL

VBL – Pension Institution of the Federal and State Governments

Anyone who takes up employment in the public sector and fulfils the respective requirements is registered for the pension insurance scheme VBLklassik from day one onwards.
VBLklassik ensures that you receive an additional company pension to your state pension.  VBLklassik also insures you against reduced earning capacity.  You can extend the basic insurance by adding the optional insurance VBLextra.

Watch out! Drawing the attention of all academics!

Typically, staff members in academic positions are only hired for short periods of time. This means that it is often not possible to complete the 60-month waiting period required to receive a pension under the compulsory VBL pension insurance scheme. Employees can therefore opt out of the compulsory VBL insurance scheme. If this is the case, you are added to the additional company pension scheme VBLextra instead. The advantage: Pension benefits can be claimed from this insurance without any waiting period.

You must submit the request for a change of pension scheme within 2 months after the start of your employment. You will find the required form among the Documents for New Employees.

VBLspezial has compiled the most important information for staff members with academic fixed-term contracts here. VBL also provides videocasts.