Fishing, boxing, badminton, football, sailing, dancing, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, gymnastics ...

Greifswald’s sports clubs offer plenty of opportunities for you to add some physical activity to your routine. You can find an overview of the sports clubs at Landesportbund M-V [de].

Swim training and other kinds of fun in the water are possible at the local swimming pool [de], which proves a good alternative to the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Greifswald – especially in winter!

You are also very welcome to take advantage of the University Sport’s programme, which includes sailing courses :-)


Are you an avid musician? Why not have a closer look at the University of Greifswald’s Choirs, the Orchestra and the UniBigBand?

Or how about art ... ?

Then check out what the Kunstwerkstätten have to offer.

There is also something we can recommend to plant enthusiasts ... !

You must pay a visit to our Arboretum and the Botanical Garden!