Looking for a flat ...

Greifswald’s housing market has been very competitive for several years.
We recommend you start to look for a flat early on and, if possible, outside the search periods at the start of semester (February to April; August to October).
To increase your chances, you may want to search on as many different channels as possible at the same time.



Private housing market

In Greifswald, there are two housing associations with different conditions, which offer housing in every location, in all price ranges and with or without furnishings.

How about settling for a temporary solution for now? Like a flat or a shared flat?

Social media and online portals

There are also various online portals where you can find flats or shared flats.

You may also want to use classifieds to place an ad or find your own place. Make sure you react quickly to new offers there.

The Welcome Center Region Greifswald offers free advisory services, for example to help you and your family with an upcoming move.

Another option would be to consult local real estate agents (especially if you are looking for something in a high class segment). Here, too, it is advisable you use several agents at the same time.

The following applies to all housing offers: React quickly to new offers.

Are you interested in leasehold land that you can build your own property on and really make a new home for yourself at your new work place? Then get in contact with our Corporate Real Estate Department.

Petra Köster, Domstraße 58 A, 1. 1st floor, room 1.07, Tel.: +49 3834 420 1242, email: koester@uni-greifswald.de