Registration and Crediting

Steps to follow:

Course selection

Choose the modules you want to attend.

Questions about the course content and course details can be addressed directly to the course lecturer.


Fill in the Application of Enrolment form and send it to the Student Coordinator until 3 weeks before the course begins.

You can find the contact details of the current Student Coordinator in the info box on the right.


You will receive the notification of successful enrolment at the latest 1 week before the course begins.


Successful participation.

Confirmed Attandance

After completion of the course, you can receive a Confirmation of Participation. For this purpose, please download the attached document, fill it in and send it to your respective lecturer for a final evaluation and validation.

Course crediting

You can have the course participation credited.
Consult with your study programme coordinator at your university early on, to see whether you can have the desired module credited to your current study programme.
It would be best and most convenient to ask about this before you sign up for the module.
After successful course participation, you can send the completed and signed Confirmation of Participation form (see Step 5) to your study programme coordinator for credit transfer.


Moreover, you can receive an official certification of all succesfully finished modules
This certification entails the recognition of the respective rectorate and examination department of the coordinating University (currently University of Greifswald).
Please send all completed and signed Confirmation of Participation forms (see Step 5) to the Student Coordinator (see info box on the right). They will work on it and get back to you.

Contact for Registration

Lucia Licero-Villanueva
Student Coordinator
Responsible for: advice and administration of study progress, processing of documents and follow-up questions

Dr. Tiemo Timmermann
Project Coordinator 'BUP Module Pool'