Formal Ethics 2024

“Formal Ethics” is a common denominator for the application of tools from logic, decision theory, game theory, and social choice theory to the analysis of concepts and theories in moral and political philosophy. It is a rapidly growing field of research that goes back to the work of Kenneth Arrow, Amartya Sen, John Harsanyi, Georg Henrik von Wright, and others. The field has recently gained new impetus with formal work on freedom and responsibility, welfare economics and population ethics, deontic logic and natural language semantics, value theory, and the evolution of norms and conventions.

Previous editions of this conference series were held at the University of Groningen (2010), the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (2012), Erasmus University Rotterdam (2014), University of Bayreuth (2015), University of York (2017), Ghent University (2019), and Vanderbilt University (2022).

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