In Search of the Absolute: Surrealism in Estonian Poetry

Portrait Kristjan Haljak, © Kris Moor

The repercussions of French surrealism did not have a clear impact on Estonian letters at the time surrounding the inception of André Breton’s surrealist project in the 1920s, but the later shock waves of the surrealist explosion are being felt to this day. The presentation will give a glimpse into the poetics of two of the most important Estonian surrealist authors of the 20th century – Ilmar Laaban (1921–2000) and Andres Ehin (1940–2011) – while also attempting to explicate the importance and afterlife of surrealism today.

The lecturer Kristjan Haljak (1990) is an Estonian poet, translator and literary researcher. He has authored six poetry books of which the last is titled “Warszawa centralna”. He specializes in French literature and has translated to Estonian works by such authors as Charles Baudelaire, André Breton and Lautréamont. At the moment he is working on his PhD which focuses on the concept of poetic revolution and the role of sexuality in the prose poetry of Lautréamont and Jaan Oks.

The lecture is financed by the EKKAV programme (the academic studies of Estonian language and culture abroad) of the Estonian Education and Youth Board (Harno).

The event will take place online as a ZOOM video conference.
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