Improving Teaching Skills

The programme for improving teaching [de] is aimed at teaching staff who would like to improve the teaching aspect of their courses. The courses are only available for members of the University of Greifswald and are free of charge. From individual workshops and a summer school to individual coaching, the University of Greifswald’s Didactics Team offers various courses that focus on developing teaching competencies.

The courses usually take place in small groups of around six to twelve participants. In addition to short lectures from the course instructor(s), activating methods are put into practice, for example individual, partner and group work or discussions.

Participation in the courses is recognised throughout Germany as having taken part in training courses for university didactics and participation is certified. At state level, the University of Rostock is charged with the central management of certification programmes for university didactics.

Alongside the offers which are open to members from all faculties, there are specific university didactics offers for University Medicine, which are aimed specifically at postdocs at University Medicine Greifswald; and offers from the Graduate Academy for doctoral candidates and postdocs. 


University Didactics Team
Dr. Michael G. Schöner
Domstraße 14
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Tel.: +49 3834 420-1618